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During his studies of psychology and neuroscience in the early 50s Dr. Thomas Seknis came across a small handbook of Dr. Sigmund Freud in the Vienna state library. Freud stated that, during his research on brain activity he had developed a helmet to record brain activity. During one of his psychological tests one of his patients fell in a coma. To his big surprise, during the coma the helmet recorded a couple of extraordinary brain activities, which were until to this date unknown on patients that were awake or sleeping.

Dr. Seknis investigated further on the subject and became access to different data that was recorded in universities and hospitals world wide, regarding accelerated and unusual brain activity during a coma. Thanks to his publications even the general public became aware of this state between life and death and today we all know about the repeated experiences of a “light” or “tunnel” phenomenon from individuals in close death situations.

Thomas Seknis was able to develop a first version of a “Death vision helmet”, which showed some moving shadows on a map, close by to patients in a coma; some of these shadows seemed to move randomly, others seemed to drag a glowing light from the patients body to a specific direction, closer to another bright glowing light, which they called the “gate”. Dr. Senkis experimented with different conditions and electronic devices and built up fields that seemed to slow down the process. He was able to confirm scientifically that the patients life didn’t leave their body until to the moment, where the glowing light reached the “gate”.

Those experiments continued secretly until to the early years of the next millennium, where one of his illegitimate children, the computer scientist Kazimir Bagkli finally accomplished another major milestone in their research. The integration of advanced computer technologies brought this project finally to a state, where it was possible to interact directly with the objects seen from persons in the NDE state.

Supported by a group from international business venture groups the NDE group developed the first helmet capable of recording pictures visible only in a close death state. A transmitter between the helmet on a person in a close death experience and a second person, that could interact with the objects visible during this particular state brought a lot of attention to the NDE research project.

The NDE project expanded their research further and became capable to track electronically people that reached a NDE state, as they fell in a coma. World wide facilities, such as mining companies, research facilities and chemical labs equipped their most hazardous environments with this technology to be prepared in case of a sudden emergency due to the exceptional risks of their activities.

After several interventions, the NDE project completed their “99% not dead” service formula by proposing the intervention of a highly trained and specialized strike force, capable of a rescuing persons exposed to a near death experience within just a few minutes, no matter where on the globe.

Today, the NDE strike force stands ready. Where ever they can help, they are ready to jump in, and they fear nothing, not even death.