While in a state between life and death you are experiencing a Near Death Experience.
Your life hasn’t left your body entirely yet.
While in this state you may experience a hidden side of our world.
A world you can only see while you are close to death.
You’ll be able to see phantoms, walking right through the walls, coming to collect the ghost of the victim that is just having a Near Death Experience.
You may see the Death Gate, which has mostly been described as a tunnel, with a light at the end.
But once you enter the tunnel, it is game over.
Unless the NDE RESCUE team has you on their list, and comes to your help, while you haven’t entered the tunnel yet. Crossing fingers that they come in time.
Thanks to their original and patented NDE helmet they are capable of entering the NDE where they can continue to interact with phantoms and the elements of our living world simultaneously.
Heroes, who are not afraid of anything, not even punching death into his ugly face.
Join the NDE RESCUE team and help us saving victims trapped in a Near Death Experience.