NDE Rescue can be played on a desktop computer via Steam.
There is a free version that showcases the tutorials only ; the paid version contains all the maps.
In the desktop version, the A & B buttons (indicating how to perform the combos) are not displayed by default. One can however force their displaying in the settings menu (show gamepad option).


The game lets you play a team of 3 rescuers. Failing to complete a level makes you lose the current rescuer. Once your 3 rescuers forming your team are lost, you must watch a promotional video in order to regenerate a new team.



Pressing the B button (block) will automatically orient your player toward the nearest enemy. Guardians are not taken into account.


Combos are an essential part of the gameplay. Each rescuer can trigger two types of combos : one for enemies with a blue health bar and one for enemies with a red health bar. You can eliminate an enemy in one single combo if you execute the right one.
Each of the two combos are triggered by pressing rapidly B+B or B+A buttons.
Picking up the battery lets you “see” what button to press to execute the combo, as they light up once the combo is triggered.