NDE Rescue can be played on a desktop computer via Steam.
There is a free version that showcases the tutorials only ; the paid version contains all the maps.
In the desktop version, the A & B buttons (indicating how to perform the combos) are not displayed by default. One can however force their displaying in the settings menu (show gamepad option).


  • The game lets you play a team of 3 rescuers. Failing to complete a level makes you lose the current rescuer. Once your 3 rescuers forming your team are lost, the game regenerates a new team after 30 minutes of wait.
  • To avoid waiting for 30 minutes, you can either :
    • Ask your friends on Facebook to send you an extra team fro free
    • Buy a set of 3 (three) extra teams (that is 9 extra rescuers) as an InApp purchase in the game’s store.
  • Two extra areas are also available for sale in the game’s store.