Our technology – Your technology

Super NDE Vision Helmet

Lots of technology and such a light weighted helmet! Over 60 years of research allow you today to connect to a portable #NDE transmitter where ever you are.
Displays the presence of nearly dead people and #ectoplasms in your close surroundings – if connected to a transmitter and a secondary helmet (1 year guarantee, #free and cool looking sun glasses included).

Secondary helmet

optional but highly recommended from our NDE strike team members – to be used only on the head of NDE victims (do not use on animals).
Will display ALL #ectoplasms close-by (see list of range upgrades, patent pending). Different color combinations available, #express yourself, where ever you are, even close to #death!

Super NDE Transmitter

Our proprietary NDE transmission technology allows you to successfully track and display nearby #ectoplams (also called ghosts, phantoms or spirits). Additionally provides you a great deal of protection against direct hits and kicks. Comes with a #free built-in music player.

Really great bracelet.

Not only a chic design from the latest French touch tech company, but also displays a mini-map with useful information (such as the closest door to GET ME OUT OF THIS … or your favorite TV program). Must be connected to your transmitter and a battery. Can also connect you to the latest news from the after-world. Or disconnect you. Do not use while driving.

Super NDE Back Pack connected to it all.

Everything you could probably need during one of your dangerous missions all around the world. Credit cards, spoon, fork and knife, beer bottle opener, #saltandpepper.